Quality Control


Cosmosol Quality Management system has been set up in order to ensure that products meet the requirements previously agreed with customers, it has been worked out in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 for which the company received the concerning certifications in 2006 and 2007.

The system involves all the processes related to lead time, from the definition of the characteristics suggested in-house to the delivery of finished products and controls all the business processes affecting Quality and Safety of cosmetic and medical devices products.

In order to meet Quality requirements, the company has to:

  1. Identify the necessary processes for the Quality Management system and their application within the whole organization;
  2.  Establish the sequence and the interaction among these processes; 
  3. Set product, raw materials, controls and analysis specifications in order to guarantee the processes proper operation and control;
  4.  Identify and purchase the assets and the technical means suitable to support the operation and the monitoring of processes;
  5. Monitor, measure and analyse processes; 
  6. Take the necessary steps in order to achieve the planned targets and to continuously improve processes;
  7. Ensure that the products comply with the customer and regulatory requirements; 
  8. Ensure the control of processes assigned abroad;
  9. Keep the Management Quality system up-to-date and constantly improve it.

Cosmosol main processes are the following :

  • Process and control activities (Acceptance and storage of goods, Preparation of bulk semi-finished products, Packaging, Stocking, - Goods Inwards control , Semi-finished products control , Control and release of finished products)
  • Research activities (Components Inwards Analysis , Research & Development, Creation and Drafting of Cosmetic Dossiers and Technical Booklets for Medical Devices, Plan approval, Medical Devices Certification)
  • Sales activities

Cosmosol can rely on an Assurance and Quality Control department constantly interacting with the other corporate functions, as well as its Customers.

The department operates in order to manage the certification procedures and, in turn, it is backed by a team of experienced consultants.


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