It is a post foaming product suitable as shower gel for your body; a small drop of gel for a shower full of foam, the gel becomes soft foam mast all over the body Improves skin conditions.

Characterized by its lenitive and hydrating action on your skin body.

Solution of anionic and nonionic surfactants in water, with delicate fragrance.



Creamy and perfumed mousse for shower, easy to use it leaves skin smooth and hydrated after use.

It is applied directly on wet skin during a shower, as a normal liquid detergent, resulting in a soft creamy mousse with gentle and effective cleansing effect, even on the skin more ´sensitive.

After rinsing, the skin is a fragrant long.  


It is a product with a particularly delicate cleaning action.
The slightly acid pH warrants an intimate hygiene, respecting the physiological bacterial flora.
Dermoprotective formulation, with Aloe extracts, Allantoina and hydrolysed vegetable proteins.
Dermatologically tested, it can be used many a time, even in warm months.


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