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Bag on Valve

Bag-On-Valve System

A Bag-On-Valve system consists of the aerosol valve with a welded bag.
With the Bag-On-Valve system the compressed air in the aerosol can is on the outside of the bag and acts as a propellant on the product which is inside the bag.

Contrary to aerosol products, where a product and propellant need to be mixed for an optimized spray effect, the separation of these two components in the bag-on-valve system offers numerous advantages:


  • Use of compressed or liquefied propellants possible
  • Optimised for oxygen sensitive products
  • Product emptying up to 99%
  • Hygienic and sterilisable
  • Bag is FDA-approved
  • Can be used in all positions
  • Reduced spray noise and non-chilling product discharge
  • Can be used with standard actuators, corresponding to the product features, and with standard aerosol cans (aluminium or tinplate)
  • Standard requirement for gel products
  • Use of compressed air as an especially environment-friendly propellant


The fact that also compressed air can be used as a propellant, is one of this system´s main characteristics.

As the product in the bag does not come into contact with oxygen, the Bag-On-Valve system enables a longer lifecycle of the product compared to the standard aerosol. Less perfumes and preservatives are needed.

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