Sun Care

SUN LOTION (SPF 8/15/20)

Thanks to its innovating formula, protects and hydrates skin,  giving a gold and intense tan.

Special protection factors with U.V.A. and U.V.B. filters and moisturizing agents, protect from sun burns, maintaining an elastic and soft skin avoiding its untimely dryness.Sun protector is easy to use, thanks to the new 360 degree spray system, which vaporizes the product from any direction, onto every part of the body, including the shoulders.

Easy to apply it gives a sweet sensation of freshness.


SUN MILK (SPF 8/15/20/30/50)

Calibrated with protection factors and UVA-UVB soluble moisturizing agents, constitue a complete defense for the skin from the sun rays.The product is easily spreadable emulsion of milky appearence on the body.

The line represents the following protective factors:

LOW (SPF 8),  MEDIUM (SPF 15-20),  HIGH (SPF 30).



Provides a short time in an intense and prolonged.
It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth and fragrant.
It is not greasy and absorbs quickly.It stimulates cell renewal by preventing photo aging.



Soothing repair Spray for irritations caused by excessive sun exposure,  ideal in case of erythemas and discomfort.

Special practice and quickly absorbed emulsion; the skin found immediate relief and freshness.

The convenient spray bottle allows you to easily apply the product even in the most difficult and reddened areas.

(Without Alcoohol)



Gives a light natural tan and also plays a valuable hydrating, protective and anti-aging.
Perfect winter, irreplaceable in the spring and summer, both before and after the holidays, to intensify and prolong your tan solarein virtue of the active ingredient DHA. Lightweight and ultra-practical, applies in seconds and is immediately absorbed, allowing you to dress immediately after use. Although spray is environmentally friendly. The product provides a natural and even tan all year



For a natural and total tanning on every moment of the year, without necessity of exposure to sun rays.

The best for a long lasting natural tanning.Creamy and soft mousse, easy to apply, with hydrating agents that leave skin smooth and silky.





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