Deodorant Line


High quality scent, fresh and full synergistic effect with the duration and persistence of the essence.

The product absorbs excessive sweating, leaving a pleasant scent, provides effective protection against odor, acting on bacteria on the skin without blocking the natural process of perspiration.

It is available in aerosol and Spray from blower.



The deodorant it is applied directly on clothing that prevents and eliminates odors from clothes in a single movement.

Practical to always carry, can be used in any time of the day: just spray it directly on the armholes to eliminate odors already formed beforehand or before wearing clothing to avoid the appearance.

It is also effective against odors caused by smog, food, and smoke.

It does not stain and leaves no trace on clothes.



Delicate on the skin, regulates perspiration with extraordinary efficency and ensures freshness and comfort for long.

A slight feeling of well-being that lasts all day, a perfume transparent, neutral and intangible, that a clean and crisp leaving the skin drier.The penetration effect despite bathrooms and showers.



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