Full Service

Full Filling Service

Cosmosol is a leading company not just in the chemical market but even in research, design, production and implementation of new concept leading-edge Aerosol cosmetic and medical device products, which is able to provide innovative packaging solutions from both a technical and aesthetic point of view.

Cosmosol assures its customers an all-round offer based on the most advanced full-filling-service.

The decision to opt for a “Tailor made” service turns out to be an ever-growing trend as it meets the need to minimize costs, which is greatly perceived by the market.

For this reason Cosmosol has been structured and perfectly equipped in order to provide its customers with the most accurate full-service including: handling of packaging components, product formulation/design, several quality controls as provided for  the product requirements and regulations in order to meet specific customer´s needs and instructions.

Achieving a suitable full-filling service as ultimate result is the outcome of many processes and transitions concurring to it.

Cosmosol guarantees in particular:

  • Formulation carrying out/product and related sampling manufacturing
  •  European and international legislative assistance
  • Sample manufacturing
  • Product sensory test
  • Efficiency evaluation and stability test
  • Product/container compatibility test
  • Pilot production
  • Container and/or sticky labels print proofing
  • Packaging containers and raw materials quality control
  •  Bulk production
  •  Bulk quality control
  • In-process controls
  •  Microbiological controls

Concerning medical devices, Cosmosol gives its customers all the necessary support for design and development of Technical files, allowing the distribution and cession of its own markings in OBL

Cosmosol boasts the necessary expertise and know-how in order to carry out so many specific and demanding tasks.

That´s why Cosmosol stands for certainty of success within the area of “Tailor made” service based on the most complete full-filling-service.

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