full service on all aspects

Full filling service

Full filling service

For traditional aerosol products and BOV technology, Cosmosol offers all the most important criteria for a company; full service on all aspects.

Customers can select only part of the services or get a "turnkey" project.

R + S

Formulations already tested, stable and successful, adaptable according to customer needs. Study of new formulations and technologies starting from zero.

Storage and compatibility test

Control of each process from the analysis of all incoming materials to the semi-finished product, up to the finished product. Guarantee of traceability.


Offer of assistance and support in the design phase also for regulatory issues


Management software SAP-ERP

Purchase of all components

Structured supply chain, suitable to guarantee that every customer's requests are met and that the products are delivered in the desired timing.


Components, Raw materials and finished product are stored in different warehouses, following respective regulations and safety data sheets.


Daily mixing capacity of 36+ tons


10 filling lines, production capacity of 70 million pieces per year.

Secondary packaging

Proposals for different types of packaging, based on the customer's needs.

Quality guarantee

Certified and according to all relevant standards: UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 13485, UNI EN ISO 22716, STANDARD IFS-HPC.