The circular economy is one of the drivers of Cosmosol’s sustainability strategy. It is a model that integrates innovation and sustainability from the design phase of the product to the end of life.

The challenge is to minimize the resources used for production, extend the life of the product and promote the recovery of materials.

In 2020 Cosmosol continued developing new solutions targeted at Reducing the weights and Replacing materials both with ones less problematic for the recycling streams and with more eco-friendly solutions. This activity looks at the wide media resonance given to global trends on the impact packaging has on the environment and supports the customers’ campaigns oriented to SDGs.

PCR (Post Consumer Recycled)

The aluminum made from recycled source use the 95% less energy than the primary material. The geographical proximity between the collection point, the aluminum transformer, the can manufacturer and Cosmosol supports the goal of sustainability.

This makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions (referred to the Global Warming Potential, GWP) from 40 to 70% depending on the size of the cans and the supplier assessed.

We worked also on plastics components introducing products where the parts are not in direct contact with the product (for regulatory reason of food contact compliance) are made with PCR plastic (in particular PP5).

Paper Policy

It consists of a sustainable sourcing initiative launched to purchasing paper responsibly. Targets are maximizing efficiency by reducing paper consumption wherever possible, maximizing the content of recycled fibers, by using products resulting from the treatment of waste paper (post-consumer).

In 2020 Cosmosol achieved a result of 98% of FSC paper purchased.

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