Conscious Aerosol Research for the Environment


The CARE program is an integrated document of Cosmosol’s economic, environmental and social aspects. We show how sustainability contributes to Cosmosol’s long term success and how we, as a company, create value for our customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners and for the local community. We have goals set for a vision from 2020 to 2025.

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Our suppliers and customers are an important part of our value chain.


With 10 years available to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Cosmosol has chosen to promote its commitment with the CARE program. Cosmosol believes to the responsibility to contribute to the global effort supported by the 2030 Agenda, not only by actively participating in the achievement of its goals, but also by inspiring others to do the same, aware that sustainable development can generate shared and lasting prosperity for all only through collective responsibility. The CARE program is our most effective response to comply with the sustainability demand of customers and the world, especially in our products.


The commitment to reach the objectives of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the adoption of voluntary technical standards are closely connected.


The creation and dissemination of the values on which a company bases its ability to be competitive players in their own field of business and a responsible entity in the social context in which it operates are the elements needed to build a suitable corporate culture to achieve the objectives the company arises.

From its foundation, Cosmosol has directly and indirectly contributed to the economic development of the local areas and communities where operates.

In 2020 Cosmosol counts 130 employees (128 permanent employees, 2 temporary employees).


Cosmosol, engaged to combine business success with sustainable and ethical objectives and behaviors, has decided to respond to this challenge by reflecting the SDGs in its business strategy. With the CARE program, Conscious Aerosol Research for Environment we have shared the goals through targeted actions, and involving our collaborators in the same commitment, inspiring customers and suppliers, aware that only by sharing the same intentions and actions it will be possible to maximize the positive impact on the society and lead our industry towards the aerosol of the future.

2020 has been a key year for Cosmosol strategy development of boosting the Innovation at further next levels. The most recent global evolution sped up the already fast market request of solutions featured by innovative dimension and sustainable development footprint. Cosmosol has created the new function for Innovation&Sustainability, with the mission to merge these two crucial topics into a new organisation targeting the consolidation of Cosmosol’s strengths as well as the discovery oriented to look for future needs, the success of our development know-how translated into a new way to do things. New and unconventional ideas, resources of excellence, speed, market orientation, connection with stakeholders, robust project management, all under the government of the sustainability driver, are leverages for the new organisation to build the Cosmosol’ strategy to win with our customers for a common future growth.


Products LCA

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analytical and systematic methodology that evaluates the environmental footprint of a product or service, along its entire life cycle.

Products Sustainability Assessment

The sustainability analysis of our business plays an important role in establishing sustainability in our strategic management process.

Raw Materials

In recent years, the consumer has witnessed a stronger, more successful cosmetic communication that has brought them towards products with a high degree of safety.


The circular economy is one of the drivers of Cosmosol's sustainability strategy. It is a model that integrates innovation and sustainability from the design phase of the product to the end of life.


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