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Cosmosol increasingly focused on care and prevention

Cosmosol increasingly focused on care and prevention

Medical devices are a significant business for Cosmosol, both in terms of products development and reference market.

Medical devices CE certified by Cosmosol (sea water spray for nasal and ear irrigation, protective and preventive plaster spray, cryotherapy products for trauma treatment and warts removal) have been sold since 2008 and distributed in various countries including Europe, Australia and North Africa, with a constant increase in volumes and markets.

Cosmosol is also a Contract Manufacturer for medical devices distributed by its customers. The company assists them in the planning and development of the industrial process, availing itself of the UNI EN CEI 13485: 2016 certification and proven experience in the field of medical devices in aerosol form.

Production departments adaptation to the new required standards is in the start-up phase. The challenges for the near future are the adaptation to the new MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and above all the registration of new medical devices which can increase this kind of business based on care and prevention.