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Cosmosol is on the side of women

Cosmosol is on the side of women

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Cosmosol, thanks to the collaboration of sixty women actually working for the company, promotes a short spot to contribute to raise awareness on this issue, still current, and encourage to break that silence that often envelops the injustices and violence of which too many women are still victims. Sixty faces wrapped in a red mask to let gaze speak, since in this historical period where voice is filtered by a mask (for the protection of all), eyes can say much more. Cosmosol is on the side of women, let’s give voice to silence.

Cosmosol thanks Silvia Giudici, mayor of Mulazzano, and the editors of ‘Il Cittadino di Lodi’, ‘PrimaLodi’ and ‘Lodi e Dintorni’, for having supported the initiative and contributed to giving voice to the silence that often surrounds a delicate issue like the one of the female condition, still made up of violence and injustice.

25-11-2020 Comune di Mulazzano

22-11-2020 Il Cittadino di Lodi

25-11-2020 PrimaLodi

25-11-2020 Lodi e Dintorni