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Cosmosol towards the ALU PCR. A virtuous example of sustainable development.

Cosmosol towards the ALU PCR.  A virtuous example of sustainable development

The main and most urgent environmental crisis is climate change. An alarming figure is that of the number of deaths caused by natural disasters coming from global warming in the last fifteen years: over one and a half million people worldwide.

In view of this trend, which is set to increase, the voice of ONU General Assembly is strong, asking for all the necessary efforts to ensure the control of the increase in the global average temperature trying to reduce the risks and impacts of climate change that will have to be implemented by 2030.

In addition, the demand for sustainable management is becoming strong as well as the efficient use of natural resources and a substantial reduction in waste production through recycling, for the protection of the planet Earth.

Cosmosol’s ten-year commitment goes right in this direction. The company, recognized in the aerosol landscape for the great sense of responsibility towards the territory and the environment that has led it over the years to develop a strong attention to a type of sustainable production, now aligns itself with the efforts required internationally to achieve a goal that concerns the entire planet and where the collaboration of each one is required, including that of individual consumers , today even more sensitive to environmental issues and willing to pay more for products and services of responsible companies (source Asvis, Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development).

The choice to offer its customers packaging made of post-consumer recycled aluminum (PCR), therefore obtained from material that consumers recycle daily without the extraction of new bauxite for the production of virgin aluminum, allows an optimization of the processing cycle of the material. Aluminium recycling saves about 95% of the energy needed to produce new aluminium, with an important positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions in the air.

Cosmosol today can offer high quality packaging composed of 95% PCR aluminum thanks to the material’s ability not to lose the intrinsic properties during the processing phases.

If we also consider the infinite possibility of recycling aluminum and therefore its infinite life cycle,  the choice to use PCR aluminum becomes essential for Cosmosol, which has made sustainability the basis of every company action.