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Learning security for to face the challenges of the future

Learning security for to face the challenges of the future

“Cosmosol has always been committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety and health, considering them essential factors to ensure continuity and serenity for their staff,” explains Mario El Haroui, Plant Maintenance Manager.

In addition to the primary importance of ensuring productivity, efficiency and a motivating work environment, each company cannot but consider safety a fundamental aspect within its work environment. Learning safety means acquiring knowledge and awareness of one’s role, the ability to assume one’s responsibilities, give social value to work, learn and manage individual and collective risk.

“The company – continues El Haroui – is constantly looking for the best technologies to be used and is engaged in a continuous training path that involves all employees, with the aim of spreading a deep knowledge and awareness of the risks associated with the performance of individual activities within the entire production process. This is possible thanks to the support of expert consultants and specialist companies, as well as the presence of an articulated and extensive security organization chart that carries out supervisory activities, collaborates and promotes continuous improvements.”

Learning security means growing the company’s knowledge wealth to face the challenges of the future.