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Purchasing and sustainability

Purchasing and sustainability

At Cosmosol the commitment to sustainability also involves the supply chain. Click here to read the words of Michela Di Maggio, Senior Purchasing Officer and Supply Chain, who speaks about the decisive contribution of the Purchasing Department for a company approach that is increasingly attentive to the environment.

How to find the right balance between sustainability and profitability?

Within the company, the purchasing process is a fundamental link for environmental and social sustainability. The Purchasing Department is involved in the front line in the decisions that make a business more or less sustainable, such as the selection of suppliers.

What does ‘sustainability’ mean in the purchasing process?

It means ensuring that the products and services used comply with company sustainability projects.

Cosmosol does not evaluate suppliers for profitability only, but closely cooperate with them in order to promote improvements, reduce risks and follow innovations in the supply chain, encouraging them to take responsibility for their performance and promote lasting improvements and innovation in the supply network.

Income and sustainability, is this a difficult goal for companies to follow?

We are used to think that sustainability must be a “black or white” choice, Instead, we know that companies must be committed to searching the right and consistent balance between sustainability impact and economic profitability. In the last twenty years it has been understood that sustainability has not only an ethical but also an economic basis. It is a choice that influences business.