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Cosmosol strategy for challenges of the future

Stefano Simonini: Cosmosol strategy for challenges of the future

Cosmosol implemented an important investment plan of 20 million Euros which involved all the areas of the company: mixing and manufacturing, storage of fuels and solvents, storage of packaging and finished products, security systems, laboratories and offices. The complete infrastructure has been object of specific interventions which allowed a remarkable increase in the yearly production capacity, which turned into 50 million Bag on Valve products and 25 million standard aerosols.

Stefano Simonini, Managing Director of Cosmosol, consequently to such a considerable plan, explains how a vanguard and forefront company prepared itself to face the challenges of the future: “Cosmosol made remarkable investments in the last years, focused on a well-defined strategy. The goal was to become a European level player but with a new concept of sustainable aerosol. For this reason, he focused its efforts on ecological propellants such as compressed air and nitrogen while maintaining the philosophy of traditional aerosol products”.

In a world which gets us going at full speed, Cosmosol is also committed to innovation. “The company – Stefano Simonini continues – has an organization that includes a young and motivated R&D team since the demanding market completely changed. Today everything is going so fast that the flexibility and the proposal of innovative full service concepts becomes a key criteria for customers at all levels”.