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The environmentally friendly aerosol of the future

The Global Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action program for the people, the planet and the prosperity, signed off in 2015 by the governments of the 193 ONU member countries.

Among the 17 goals mentioned, there are some to which Cosmosol wants to actively contribute such as the fight against climate change and sustainable production. Cosmosol is well aware of the role that companies are playing in solving the challenges of the society and that’s why it is always ready to reinvent itself to satisfy the needs of a world which is always evolving.

The panorama of cosmetics is full of products which contain ingredients which do not bring any benefit to the skin. Cosmosol has chosen to do without them, developing the philosophy of Less is More, using natural bioactive principles and removing all aggressive and non-biocompatible chemical substances.

In line with ONU purposes, company efforts are aimed to develop innovative formulations using inert and safe propellants, manufacturing products with a high percentage of recycled cardboard packaging and recycled and recyclable aluminum cans. All this inside a sustainable production site.

Cosmosol has chosen to be part of the agenda and is working to create the aerosol of the future, which will be strictly with low environmental impact in full respect of the planet and the people.