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The 3Bee observatory for the protection of the planet

At beginning of 2021 Cosmosol started its relationship supporting @3Bee and soon we started to feel how the climate change is affecting the ecosystem. Alberto, our beekeeper has been forced to move all his hives to follow the blooms of the acacia compromised by frosts.

Riccardo biologist, founder of 3Bee and beekeeper, explained us “In areas where acacia blooms early, the sudden drop in temperature significantly compromised the acacia plumes that enclosed the developing flowers, causing them to dry out and then fall. In the late flowering areas, however, this was inhibited and delayed. After these unpleasant climatic adversities, the plants have thrown back from axillary/dormant buds bringing, with delays of 1-2 weeks, the flowers back on the plants. The latter, however, did not generate nectar except in very low quantities: this is due to the permanence for the entire period of flowering of low temperature and relative humidity, conditions that slow down and reduce the flow of nectar. In addition to the flowering of acacia, many other essences have also been drastically damaged, among which citrus, cherry and dandelion stand out.”

We usually summarize this concept with the claim “Flowers don’t make flowers anymore”, of which you can find more info at this link: