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World Oceans Day: innovation for a sustainable ocean

World Oceans Day: innovation for a sustainable ocean

Synthetic substances and heavy metals pollute over three quarters of European seas: the use of industrial pollutants is decreasing, but these are persistent substances that poison ecosystems for a long time. In particular, European seas show chemical contamination. This was stated by the European Environment Agency (EEA) which last year analyzed in detail the contamination of the seas of the continent.

The argument can easily be extended to the oceans of the entire planet where the main cause of pollution is the huge amount of plastics and microplastics (8 million tons every year at least) that accumulates along the coasts and in areas affected by sea currents.

World Oceans Day, celebrated on June 8th every year by the United Nations, is an important opportunity to reflect on the benefits that the oceans are able to provide to the global ecosystem and to underline everyone’s duty to safeguard the entire planet. Careful management of resources and processes is the key feature for a truly sustainable future.

Cosmosol has chosen to do its part and is working to create the aerosol with reduced environmental impact, in full respect of the planet and people. The goal is to develop sustainable and natural formulations using inert and safe propellants such as compressed air and nitrogen, without alcohol, also avoiding the microplastic contained in sunscreens that release chemicals to the detriment of corals. All this in a sustainable production site thanks to the reduction of energy consumption and new equipment that avoid cross-contamination of loose materials and raw materials. The packaging is recyclable or recycled: cans with a percentage of recycled aluminum, actuators and caps with a percentage of recycled plastic, easily removable and secondary packaging in recycled cardboard (FSC).

A concrete example of how we can help the planet without giving up on innovation.